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Equipments / Vybava

Home made mechanical goniometer with optical collimators

Time has shown that detailed analysis of the ground is essential.
Therefore I decided to build a visually goniometer

Development of new transceiver with PMT

Now is the time construction of something perfectly properly

My last transimpedance photodetector, which I use

This receiver is designed to use for some devices like a microscope or astronomic telescope

My first PMT receiver

This receiver was built hurriedly to experiment with lunar eclipse in 2008
Entrance angle is very small. Sensitivity high.
The only drawback is a large HV power supply from the mains 220V.
Source was an old, tube and non-transferable.

OM1LD My first optical equipment:

RX 72mm lens, BPW34, oboR Frontend,
positioning (azimut-elevation) Home build and development.
Geodetic Tripod.

TX 650nm Laser diode (3mW) 3element custom optics, output diameter: 50mm, <0.5mRad - Home build and development
laser driver IC-WJB AM modulation - Home build

2M radio mobile equipment:

For longest optical communication we need a better 2m radio support.
This is my homebuild 6 element Yagi with 4m(13feet) antenna mast.
Highest priority is mobility.
All componennts is packed up to 2m x 10cm(diameter) Weight 3kg
All foto from JN88QA

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